Should we even use Bulk SMS services?

Should we even use Bulk SMS services?

The question arrives if we should even use Bulk Short Message Service. Although the answer to any question varies from person to person lets go through the facts.

History of Bulk Short Message Service (BSMS) goes back about 2 decades since the start of SMS service. Richard Jarvis invented SMS in 1992 when the first message was sent over Vodafone GSM network in United Kingdom. BY the end of 2010 SMS was the most widely used application. SMS in mobile marketing was worth a whopping $100 Billion during 2014. And they have been widely used in both private and government sector.

Difference between Conventional messages and Bulk messages?

The difference between conventional text message and bulk message is in sheer volume of it. Whereas the user can send a text message to only certain people, bulk SMS can be sent to hundreds of thousands of people with single click. At the same time we can send message between continents depending on the service provider. Alter messages as per regional languages for instance: suppose you are using Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi, you could easily change language to Hindi which is a regional language.

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Why do we use Bulk SMS service?

The foremost reason we use BSMS is for promotional services related to business sector and advertising.  That could include promotion of new business ventures, sending discount codes, increase website traffic, info. About new services/menus/showrooms, etc. Even if you want to endorse a new product details on an international level it’s only one click away. Or want to endorse the same product in a particular country, say India one could just look for a bulk sms service provider in india, they could look for a service provider indigenous to that region and advertise in that particular country. That’s pretty nifty trick up one’s sleeve and highly convenient.
Moreover all other sectors depend on BSMS for the purpose of sending short details like transactional details, dispatch/arrival of packages and invoices for any and every purpose which in turn covers private as well as government sectors. You could say industries have use for it because of its applicability and serious customisability as you could send a wide range of messages with altered sender ID just to specify brand name or send alerts about frauds with heading like Beware or Alert.
At a more personal level you could send wedding invitations or wish family & acquaintance on festivals. To put it into words, application of BSMS is endless.

Benefit of Bulk SMS service in Marketing

Bulk SMS services have several advantages over conventional method such as flyers or spam. However the biggest advantage is that it significantly lowers marketing budget with SMS starting as low as 5p/SMS. In comparison to its convenience of conventional marketing strategies of designing flyers, their printing and distribution is too much of a hassle.  Besides nowadays you get, highly customizable option and various adventitious services such as

  • Easy Personalising of bulk messages.
  • Real time delivery and click report
  • Attaching files to SMS
  • Opt in or opt-out users easily
  • Compose messages in regional languages
  • Schedule messages
  • Custom sender ids
  • Mobile survey and forms
  • URL  shortener
Shortcoming of Bulk SMS service

The only disadvantage of Bulk SMS service is that it could be annoying for users. Service providers easily could get their hands on phone numbers and even if it is user have activated DND it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference, as it is extensively used for marketing.
Boon or Bane it can be said that SMS has made our live easier.

The very first SMS ever sent was “Merry Christmas”.


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