Bulk SMS is the new to win the marketing campaign race, know-how
Bulk SMS is the new to win the marketing campaign race, know-how

Bulk SMS is the new to win the marketing campaign race, know-how

Reaching customers ‘in a hurry’ is not hard, at this point a problem for Big Idea Media’s Free Racing Tips business, as they reap the rewards of Bulk SMS every day.  Nexcuit web solution, which is a leading bulk SMS provider in Delhi.

From building a fresh revenue stream to increased customer retention rates, Big Idea Media shared the not really hidden secret to their success.

What is the use of mobile marketing?

The idea behind it is that we text customers who sign up to our service twice day by day with betting and racing tips to increase their average rewards as a primary service as compared to social media and email marketing.

“Getting a customer with The 160 character threshold is really a big challenge but we assure to hit it”

What result will you get after hiring a bulk SMS service provider in Delhi?

“Being quick, powerful and demanding is the nature of horse racing, similarly the Messagebox SMS work, it is convenient while giving us the edge over competitors”

Nexcuit, a bulk sms reseller in delhi ncr has created a completely new stream of revenue for Free Racing Tips that wasn’t available with our e-mail and social media notifications, and of course we were unable to guarantee our tips would be received by customers and read immediately.

We see practically 10% of customers each month taking up the SMS service which helps with retention rates and confidence in our service.”

What is the cost implementations for promotional SMS?

There is not a single bulk SMS service provider in Delhi but hiring Nexcuit web solution can add more value to your marketing campaign. Purchasing in bigger Bulkes permits us to get the cheapest prices and the highest returns from our SMS tipping service.”

How the bulk SMS channel is different from other marketing channels?

The stocky e-mail of the Messagebox system meant we didn’t need to prepare staff on troublesome email templates or social media stages and our processes sped up.

Nexcuit Web solution Provide Transactional SMS services and Promotional SMS services with 100% delivery.

It’s more accessible than e-mail and social media now and again, as reading a snappy text message can be easier to digest than a stocky e-mail and has proven well known since the very beginning.

From complete mobile marketing through messages and SMS alerts Nexcuit’s SMS gateway can help your business develop in areas you may not ever have considered. call our team to know about the different features available in our cost-effective Bulk SMS service in Delhi.

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