Five Rules To Speak Fluent English?

Five Rules To Speak Fluent English?

Don’t use grammar too much:

This rule might look strange to a lot of students, but it is the most important rule if you want to speak accurate and fluent English. If you are preparing for any competitive exam then you should approach grammar otherwise not. However, if you want to become efficient in English speaking, then you should try to learn English without studying grammar.

This is what our institute (Delhi IELTS Academy) does when it comes to empowering students to speak fluent English. We are also a renowned brand in terms of the best English speaking institute in Laxmi Nagar.

We are the only choice of the best English speaking course in Laxmi Nagar. Because our approach is absolutely different from another spoken English institute in Laxmi Nagar.

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Delhi Ielts give you training without teaching you grammar because grammar will only slow you down and would confuse you to speak fluent English. You will think about the rules when forming sentences. This is also true that 20% of native speakers know English grammar and the rest others don’t know any grammar rules.

Many ESL English students know better grammar than native speakers, but still, they cannot compete with regular English speakers. So this rule indicates that for fluent English one should not approach grammar.

Learn and Study Phrases

So many English learners learn vocabulary and new sentences to form new sentences but in the end, they will end up saying incorrect sentences. It amazes me how someone can remember plenty of words. This is also the main reason that many English learners find English extremely hard to speak. Because their way of learning is indeed wrong. In this way, no one can speak accurate and fluent English.

When children learn a language, they learn phrases like how have you been mama, this is an apple, I don’t like this.and many more. That is how someone can acquire a language.

If you know 1000 words, you might not be able to speak a one perfect sentence, but if you know one phrase then you can make hundreds of correct sentences. If you know 100 plus phrases then think how many correct sentences you can speak correctly.

So don’t just spend hours and hours to speak English fluently just focus on phrase word you will automatically start speaking fluent English that too in limited time.

 # Don’t translate

If you want to create an English sentence then don’t translate it from your mother tongue, if you do this then you would be slow and incorrect. Another problem with translating is that you will have to use the grammar rules, according to rule no 1, you would slow if you use grammar in speaking. Or it will make your English slow.

# Practise what you hear.

Reading and listening will not help you until you speak what you hear, because speaking will make you in the habit to speak fluently. However, speaking is the only thing which will help you to be fluent in English.

First problem

Isn’t it strange that all schools across the world first focus on reading and then writing and listening and at last speaking.

The order of speaking English is absolutely incorrect, because if someone wants to learn English then he/he first needs to listen and speak.

Because when you hear or listen it means you are giving input to your brain, speaking means giving output.

This is the order of speaking accurate English.

The same happens with writing, if you all want to improve your writing skills then you have to take input via reading or after having enough input you can give output in the form of writing.

That is how you can master your speaking and writing skills.

Second problem

The reason that many students can read and listen is that that’s all they practice. But in order to speak fluent English, you have to practice speaking. You need to practice speaking as much as you can. Don’t stop at the listening portion when you study or read, speak it out loud which you listen to or read.

Practice speaking out loud until your brain and mouth can speak it effortlessly.  By doing so you will be able to speak fluent and accurate English.

When you take admission in the best English spoken classes in Laxmi Nagar (Delhi IELTS Academy) then here all the faculty is merely focused on your speaking practice they make you efficient enough to speak fluent English. This is the secret of our institute, that is why we are in the top institutes of providing the best English speaking course in Laxmi Nagar.

Being able to speak English is not related to how smart you are, it can be achieved by anyone. This is a proven fact that anyone on the planet earth can speak a different language whether he is intelligent or not.

You will notice that the one who can speak English well are the ones who have studied his academics from the English speaking schools. They can speak English not because they have studied in English schools. They can speak English because they have been in an environment where English is constantly being spoken by everyone.

Let’s know about the IELTS coaching in Laxmi Nagar Delhi:

There are also students who study abroad and cannot speak accurate and fluent English, it is because they have found friends from their own country and didn’t practice English..

You don’t have to go anywhere to learn fluent English. You only need to surround yourself with English in order to become fluent in it.

Merge yourself with English friends or colleagues in order to learn faster.

Delhi Ielts Academy is the perfect example for you to learn English faster than anything. Lots of students come here for PTE Coaching in Laxmi Nagar delhi. Our English training modules have changed so many lives.

# Study correct material

There is a phrase “practice makes a man perfect”  but this is incorrect because the only practice cannot make a man perfect, the only perfect practice can make a man perfect. So, therefore, it is important to study the correct material. If you study the wrong English material then you will speak wrong English. So make sure whatever material you are studying should be recognized with higher authority.

Another problem that we see is that students watch the news, which is not good for them because whatever content they are watching is more formal, and they cannot use them in their regular time. News is something which is advanced lessons that should be studied after the fundamentals of English.

If you study English with a friend then you should know that he speaks correct English otherwise you will be in the habit of speaking wrong English.

In short, study only those materials that are recognized by any higher authority.

And here at Delhi Ielts Academy, you don’t need to do all these stated steps because our academy is approved by the Indian government. We are the eminent brand of

best English speaking institute in Laxmi Nagar.


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