Advantage and Disadvantage of Python language and Machine learning

Advantage and Disadvantage of Python language and Machine learning

As in the previous blog we have already discussed about the history, features and edge of Python over other programming language such as Java, C++. But there are still many questions to be answered about python which every student must know before choosing it as a career, as it is very important for the candidate to be well equipped with the knowledge of the industry he or she is going to enter in.

In short before choosing python as a career it is very important for the candidate to know about its scope, shortcomings, opportunities, skill required and guidance needed to master it, how it is beneficial for you, is it demanded in market or not and many such questions.

So in this blog we will answer all these questions that will help you to know more about this industry better and will definitely guide you in your decision making weather to choose python or not. So without wasting any more time let ’s get started with the blog.

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Is python demanded in the market?

We all know that python is the best programming language for the purpose of web development, manipulating as well as analyzing data how many but how many of us knew that most of the top institutions and companies at present like Harvard University, MIT, Columbia University, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo , Lucasfilm Ltd.

And many more such high profile companies uses Python in their data science and research course as well as introductory computer course isn’t it amazing, in short if you master python here are very high chances that you might end up working in either of the above mentioned company or institution. This is an answer to all those who often call python an outdated language.

Now coming back to the point, the worldwide adoption of this language creates its huge demand in the industry creating large number of job opportunities.

The most common job titles into this profession are Python Developer, Python Software Engineer, Python Database Programmer and Full Stack Developer. As per the recent fact and figures, a quick search on shows over 50,000+ vacancies for a Python programming skill and majority of the jobs listed offered salary over 6,00,000 per annum.

In today’s era of digitalization where everything seems to go online so definitely the demand for Python-savvy business analysts, data scientists and Python programming engineers will continue to grow at a rapid pace. Now it’s fair to say that Python skills along with experience can lead to a bankable and secure career.

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Is Python stable and How many people are really using it?

As many of us know that python was launched in 1991 and today it is 2020, it’s been 2 decades since was launched and still it continues to be one if the most popular and in-demand programming language completely outshining its competitors like C++, Java, C. A recent survey of stack overflow clearly declares python as one of the most popular programming language in this century. And I believe that these facts and figures are important to prove the stability of python in the market.

And I believe that these facts and figures are important to prove the stability of python in the market.

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Now talking about the user base of python: though it is difficult to obtain exact figures as there has been no official statement by the authorities of python about its user base.

Moreover it is available for free download on the official site of python org and on many other websites, so it’s difficult to calculate its exact user base. But probably the community of python has about tens of thousands of users huge.

What is Python good for?

Python is a high-level general-purpose programming language with dynamic semantics that can be applied to many different classes of problems.

Python is the only programming language that owns a huge library which covers areas such as string processing (regular expressions, Unicode, calculating differences between files), Internet protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, XML-RPC, POP, IMAP, CGI programming), software engineering (unit testing, logging, profiling, parsing Python code), and operating system interfaces (system calls, file systems, TCP/IP sockets).

Moreover it also provides a wide range of third party extensions making it different from other programming languages.

Now further in this blog we will be discussing about the reasons why to learn Python?

Why to learn Python?

Doing a course of python can be very beneficial for the users n if u are planning to do so AIDM provides Python course in Laxmi Nagar. Many tech-giants and high profile companies like Google, IBM, Quora, Dropbox, Mozilla, etc. use Python programming language owing to its simplicity, readability, efficiency and elegance.

Moreover there are many reasons to learn Python but it is very difficult to list all the reasons. So following is the list of the reason why to gain certification in Python. Python is easy to learn: Python is one of the easiest programming language present on this planet as it’s the only language with simple syntax and with no tough rules.

More over its syntax resembles a lot with English language and that is  one of the possible reason behind its popularity among beginners. Given below is the example of readable syntax of python:

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  1. Python is used in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: As we all know that at present Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning industries are at it pinnacle and demand for python into this industry is just like icing on the cake for people learning python and python professionals. As python is used to build algorithm using statistics to allow computer to perform different functions.
  2. Python is used in web development: Python is quite popular for the purpose of web development because of the variety framework and the library that it offers such as; web2py, Django, Flask,, Pyramid,, etc. Mizilla, Reddit, Spotify, Yelp, etc. are the examples of few websites supported and powered by Python framework.
  3. Large python community: The community of Python is so huge and supportive that it proves to be one of the most helpful community for the new python programmers. Moreover there are many online resources available to help and guide an individual whenever they find themselves stuck.
  4. High salary: The salary of an python engineer is way more higher than the salary of engineers in any other industry. Average salary of a python engineer is around 7,00,000 to 8,00,000 per annum.

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