Online Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation Management?

Your online reputation is how others see you when look for you online

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is all about everything related to your company’s brand in the online community. The entire web of this community includes search engines, forums, blogs, news sites, social networking sites, etc. …
Online reputation management first takes care of the online brand of your company, then build on that brand in search engine (chances are where you are most asked) through the content of social media and other websites that produce and disseminate .
Online reputation management is done through a funnel of three main processes:
Be careful about your company’s online brand (monitor)
First and foremost, you have a brand – as the owner and manager of that brand, you have to be careful about it. Know what’s happening in your brand. Learn what is the latest news about it. Find out what people think about it. Where do you mention? When your brand is mentioned, what are they talking about?

Google alerts


There are several tools you can use to monitor your brand in the online world:

Yahoo alerts

yahoo alerts

Set up to track news stories by keywords, stocks, local news, feeds, and much more. and Receive notifications via email, Yahoo Messenger or mobile massage

Twitter search


Twitter has become one of the best places to monitor your brand. Almost everyone in the world satisfies content with or without hashtags. The beauty of twitter search is lets you set up search parameters such as date, link, location, emotion, twitter, linkedin account etc.

Social mentions


Social Alerts is a social media version of Google Alerts. This helps you monitor your brand across various social platforms across the web. You can subscribe to feeds, get email alerts, or download Excel files.

Construction on that brand (prevention)

Online reputation management spreads to these factors associated with you:

  • Your Name
  • Company
  • Brands
  • Product
  • High profile employee
  • Handle / usernames

If one of these things is affected by bad reputation, then it usually spreads like a festive disease to others. The security of your name, company, products and high profile employees can have less effect than your brand (which should be almost always your username). For this tutorial, we will discuss more about your brand and how to protect it.


Brand / Username:-

This is your best thing you can do in managing your online reputation. Build and create and build builds on your brand Branding is the key of the ORM. Surprisingly, when it comes to SEO, it is also your most powerful asset. Creating your brand can start by receiving all your brand’s social media usernames. You can find it using Knowem.

As soon as you know which social media sites your brand is still available as a user name, get the opportunity to register there. These accounts are your online license to create ‘online real estate’. This will boost your chances
If you have powerful social media accounts with your brand as a username, then fill out the first page of your brand SERP.

Here are some of the major social media accounts you get:

  • Facebook profile / page
  • Twitter
  • Google+ account / page
  • Quora
  • LinkedIn

If you have these accounts, then interact with each other and link them to your blog / website and they should really rank well in search engines.

Online Reputation Management

Get a Blog

Another great way to prevent bad reputation from ranking your brand as a brand is to create and maintain a blog. Search engines love blogs. It is enough for you to get a blog for yourself to rank well and for that powerful leverage for your brand, whenever you have a new published bad reputation there, you can easily use it. .
There are several other reasons why a blog should be for your company – you can publish company news, install a reader, promote products and services etc …
We will discuss more about ways to prevent ORM in the next lesson of this tutorial.

Fix your brand as harmful material (cleaning)

Once damaged and you have no ammunition to fire back, you need to do it right here:

  • Rent an ORM Consultant.
  • Contact the owner of the bad reputation site and politely ask if he can put it down.
  • If it is against the law, then contact any potential government body and ask for help to bring them down.
  • Ask Google to de-index it if there is any element in the page against Google’s guidelines
    If they all.

Tips for Keeps: If you not already taken your brand name as your per username in all the powerful social networking sites, do it. Now.

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Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management