How brands cash in on trending topics

Social media is one of the most influential tools that we have today that helps us keep up with the latest news and trending topics. It’s become such a dominant part of our lives that we subconsciously “tune in” to our streams to get a hold of what’s happening now, instead of waiting to hear from more traditional channels like broadcast news on TV or the radio.

However, the quality of information deteriorates at a much faster rate than before—it could be that a topic can trend for only about an hour or two, before audiences move to another interest. If it is a bigger issue, it could be talked about for days, until something new comes along, of course.

Hence if you want to be in the loop and stay relevant, you need to be where the conversation is at right away. This is especially true for businesses and brands who want to increase their exposure to a larger pool of potential customers.

Being in the know

The most common social media channels that have mastered gathering trending topics are Twitter and Facebook. For Twitter, especially, it has a built-in section on its homepage that tracks what people are talking about in real-time. It can also be grouped accordingly into worldwide trends, or specific to your country or city.

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