Social Media Optimization

social media optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a great way to increase awareness through websites, products, brands, or many social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.) and community viral promotions.

Social media optimization includes usage of RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites, as well as social media sites and videos and blogging sites. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is like SEO (search engine optimization), which aims to generate more traffic ROI and your maximum number of ROI.

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Our mission

  • Work less hours – earn more money
  • Attract and maintain quality, high paying customers
  • Manage your time so that you can do more in less time
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Our mission

  • Integrate Social in to your Website
  • Consistency is a Key to SMO
  • Align SEO keywords and Social Media Optimization
  • Be Social on Social Media
  • Use Branded Cover our Images.

Research beyond the business plan

Social media optimization is essentially using social media as a catalyst to increase your company’s online presence. Where some companies establish just one profile to install their profiles on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, SMO is about strategically planning, building and maximizing its social media plans to connect with your target audience. SMO allows you to:

  • Strengthen your brand
  • Generate leads
  • Get more visibility online
  • Connect with your audience

Why SMO Is Important?

social-media-optimizationThe lines between social media marketing and search engine marketing are increasingly blurred. In the past, both were seen as distinct and distinct aspects of marketing. But the reality is that they are more inherent in comparison to thinking.

On receiving 1,000 tweets on an article, your ranking will not be magically promoted on Google, social media marketing and SEO are both strong together. In a survey, 50% of the companies who are not successful with SEO are not integrating social media marketing.
In addition, the benefits of social media marketing have been well documented. If you want a solid overall approach to online marketing, you need a healthy balance of SEO and SMO.

While they are not exactly the same, social media marketers can learn from SEO for better adaptation for social media. Here are six tips to improve your social media optimization that you can steal from SEO:


How To Use Social Media For Lead Generation: A Primer

Deciding the best social media platforms for your business is almost entirely dependent on your customer demographic, your customer personality and products based on those customers’ products. To help marketers who are relatively new to social media marketing …

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