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What is PPC Marketing?

The process of targeting relevant audience using established advertising platforms like Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, Yahoo Advertising, etc. while you pay for every click that your ad receives, is called as PPC marketing. Well, traditionally. Today, the bucket is popularly called as Paid Advertising with more than just pay per click model of advertisements.

Why is Paid Advertising important for you?

We’d all agree that the organic medium to earn traffic is quite cluttered. The competition is exceptionally high. In such a case, for businesses that require immediate returns for their services/products, Paid Advertising is a very viable option. The initial customer acquisition phase of any business is struggle-some. And the longer it stays with you, the slower is your progress graph. In such cases, we suggest that you start building your audience base by using paid advertising platforms. There are numerous businesses that thrive just on a healthy C2R (Cost to Revenue) ratio maintained in their paid advertising campaigns.

What do you need?

Well, setting up paid advertising campaigns is not a huge deal. Trust us, there are a million guides available which will guide you step after step in the setup process.

Expertise comes when you’re asked to optimize campaigns. This requires several years of experience to ensure that we don’t spill over any marketing budget in the wrong segment. In our logic tree software Pvt. Ltd, our paid marketing experts have managed to manage crores of rupees in the life of their career so far. trust them. Trust Logic Tree Software Pvt. Ltd.


AdWords is a Google advertising platform, to create and manage online advertising campaigns on different Google features such as Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Mobile, Apps and millions of other websites. AdWords is one of the most innovative and complex ads


Advertising on Facebook is best and easy. With Facebook Advert, we make people visit your website, download your app, view videos any type page promotion and also shop or use the service provided on your website. We also keep on updating you on how your Facebook Adverts are performing and how your budget is being spent in new business because popularity very less time.


We help you to advertise on LinkedIn using LinkedIn PPC Ads. LinkedIn PPC ads work much the same as PPC ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc. LinkedIn also offers various unique advertising such as Poll ads, Social ads, Join Group ads, and Video ads.


Advertising on Twitter is inexpensive. We help you to advertise on Twitter, where it offers an opportunity to promote your account or single tweet by using important keywords, you can also use tweet placement or account appearance.

YouTube Advertising

Our experts help you to create TrueView video ads, these are the video ads that are created in AdWords, by our certified Google AdWords experts, viewers are given an option to skip the ad after 5 seconds. With this we ensure that your advertisement views are the relevant result, engaging more target audience and customer available across wide range of devices.

Social Media Advertising (ppc campaign)


Paid Social Media Marketing is the best way to reach your target customers (targeted audience) and thereby making them visit your website blog and other kinds of services and increase User Engagement.