Digital marketing tips will build up your startup

If you’re just getting your startup off the ground, the chances are, you’re wearing a lot of hats. Most entrepreneurs are forced to start out with a limited budget and a ton of self-belief. You may be acting as your company’s spokesperson, salesperson, CEO, and even answering the phones. It can be hard to focus on your digital marketing as well. But there’s little point in building the world’s greatest product or offering the best possible service if customers never get to hear about it. If your website is looking like a beautiful wallflower at a party, it’s time you focused on improving your online presence. Check out these digital marketing tips that will build up your startup.

Optimize your content: We hear the word “optimization” thrown around a lot these days, but do you really know what it means? The waters of SEO used to be very murky indeed. Getting your website to rank through the powers of digital marketing was something you had to pay a lot of money for. Normal people knew nothing about algorithms or ranking metrics. Welcome to 2017. It’s easy to optimize your content and go at your own pace, and there’s a ton of digital marketing tips on the web about it. If you’re starting from scratch, keep in mind the length of your content (over 400 words per page), the use of keywords (around 1.5-2% density), H1 and H2 headers and metadata. If your website is in WordPress, add a simple plugin, Yoast for SEO. You’ll get pointers on the length of your titles, readability of your content and anything missing, such as image captions or a meta description.

Ensure an awesome user experience: You don’t need to hire a UX manager to provide a user experience that delights your site visitors. If you have the budget to outsource to a professional web services agency, so much the better. But if you need to do things on a bootstrap budget, look at what you can tweak by yourself. In a world where we’re pretty much pressed for time all the time, site speed is key in digital marketing. More than 40 percent of people will abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. You can check this out with a developer or your hosting provider, or you can look at resources for site speed and digital marketing tips. Simple things like optimizing your images (making them smaller and lighter), not adding video, and minifying your HTML code can all improve your speed. Make sure that your website isn’t overcluttered and that your users can find what they need easily. Navigation should be logical and simple. No broken forms, incorrect links or glitches. A great user experience will encourage repeat visits and glorious reviews. Since one of Google’s metrics is the length of time spent on page, and another is positive reviews, actioning these digital marketing tips will build up your startup fast.

Be an authority in your niche: One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and build up visibility for your startup is to become a go-to source of information for customers. If you make car parts, people might want to know the right products to choose, or how to fit them. If you sell cosmetics, provide tips for applying makeup.

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