Tips for Improving Customer Experience

Would you like to create better customer experience for your organization’s customers by changing your business processes? Here some ideas what you could do to take your customer experience to the next level:

Listen to your customers: 75% of customers say that in the past year the quality of customer service provided by companies has stayed the same or got worse. There is a clear disconnect here as 50% of employees at the contact centre think service has improved.

Be proactive versus reactive: Use proactive communications to let the customer know something important first, giving them the option to connect to an agent. 100% of customers said it is appropriate for a company they do business with to proactively contact them.

Today’s customers want to be heard: 66% of customers are taking the initiative to contact a company after a bad experience, effectively seeking a resolution before they decide whether or not to take their business elsewhere. They are taking the time to reach out to you, and they expect and warrant responses in return.

Listen via all of your contact channels: Over half of customers surveyed reported their bad experiences last year, and although the majority (71%) is contacting live agents on the phone or in person, 23% are using email and text messaging. Customers using online feedback forms also expect a response as much as those who call and they are just as likely to defect if they don’t get a response or resolution to their issues. 20% of the customers who reported their bad experiences said they did not receive a response from the company, which ultimately led to over 50% of them deciding to take their business elsewhere.

Aggressively promote the fact that you want feedback: You want to know when you get it wrong. Thus, make it easy for customers to contact you and provide them with immediate access to empowered and empathetic agents. 41% of customers who did not bother to report their bad experiences said they did not bother because there was no convenient way to report it to the offending company.

Here are some reflective questions you can use to think about how you could create better customer experience:

  1. Do you connect with your customers in a genuine, meaningful way?
  2. Do you rules or processes that you should get rid of?
  3. Do you evaluate your customer experience periodically?
  4. Do you have some little extra things in your services or products that customer appreciate?
  5. Are people in your organization passionate to promote your organization online?
  6. Are you reusing the good customer experiences that your customers share?
  7. Do you use your CRM and customer data efficiently?

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