How To Use Social Media For Conferences?

Social media has rapidly grown into a powerful marketing tool for business and corporate houses. More and more business owners and organizations are coming forward to promote their businesses online. Social media, unlike any other marketing strategy, works best when it is handled on the regular basis. Though, it is time consuming, but useful. So, if you are planning a conference you need to take care of so many things to make your conference a perfect one. With the help of Yralup and strong social media strategy you can engage more and more conference attendees, make more trade and generate more revenue.

Create unique hashtag for attendees

Creating a unique conference hashtag can serve many purposes. But most importantly, it gives a chance for attendees to interact with other attendees and speakers. They can discuss about different ideas and working methods in real time. Conference attendees can tweet about their ideas and thoughts using a unique hashtag. It is very much obvious that each and every individual loves to see their ideas displayed on the big screen.

Create engaging trade show booth

Use hashtaged picture comments and display them in real time. It has become an important tool for attracting booth visitors in person and on social media. Companies having engaging booths can use this great engagement tool, and your conference can become innovative and exciting.

Allow the audience to ask questions on Twitter

You can use social media aggregator and dedicated hashtag to collect questions from audience on Twitter. The moderator can choose the most interesting question and display it on the conference screen. This makes the work of asking question from audiences easy and speaker can answer the displayed question in real time.

  • Use social media to share registration offers, event highlights and speakers, topics and more.
  • Categorize prospective attendees based on the social content. Also, you can send them personal invitations to join the conference.
  • Tweet frequently using the official conference hashtag and share all the important highlights of the conference.
  • Create and claim your booth for the event. Allow attendees to “check in” each day.
  • Record your conference and share the content through social media channels or blogs. Or, post the videos on YouTube.

Always remember that social media can help you with great way when you are organizing a conference. Just take your time to figure out your goals and how social media can help you to complete it. If you will follow the same way, then no one can stop you from having a successful conference.

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