Expert Tips for Running a Contest on Social Media

Running a contest on social media is one of the best ways to drive engagement on the brands page, but with the reach going lesser and lesser there has to be some different methodology to increase the reach and organic fans.

It is easy to boost a post or start running ads for getting likes, but that is not solving the purpose.

We also need a brand loyalty not just people are talking about the brand when there is a contest. People should follow the brand religiously.

How about running a contest on social media and increasing the page views and website traffic at the same time and making it viral big time.

Now brands can extract content from social media platform and can showcase it anywhere, on the website, mobile apps etc.

So how about using# and asking people to share their pictures and videos on twitter and Instagram.

Extract all the pictures, do moderation and put them in a smart gallery on the website and ask people to come on the website to vote and ask your friends to vote as well.

This helps you to create a buzz about the brand while using official #.this goes viral, many other people who are not on the fan list will also participate.

More participation, more engagement, more traffic, more reach, more fans on social media.

People would love to see their picture on your official website and would tell their friends as well. This will increase the brand loyalty and loyal fans.

Increase the virility of the contest and something new, where people don’t have to go to a Facebook application and browse and submit the picture.

This is simple and easy and will reach more people, as it is something a person is putting on his/her status.

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